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mimi The content from tonight belongs in a digital frame that changes every two minutes
Patricia Carswell My dad was just asking in some confusion who the "elderly person, all wrapped up" was, who kept appearing on his digital photo frame. I'd forgotten I mischievously uploaded *that* Bernie photo back in January 😬😬😬
tgerring.eth 🖼🦧🐕 🐱 🦄 When can I start displaying my NFTs on my TV as digital frame?
Mikey Hey @soulcurryart, I've purchased "In the Meadows" but can't find a way to get it on a Digital frame. Any idea's?
David #41 Call for whale collectors in search for OG's genesis pieces : If this masterpiece sells (for a high price), I will give @placeofmany half of it, she deserves it 😊 Otherwise I'll just keep it for myself and display it in a digital frame as planned 😌
BANFFALIENS AlphaGeek This is going in a digital frame, straight on my wall. So happy with this, thank you @selinajane There's 30 more to be released for anyone interest. BANFFALIENS
Doge nft bnb Orion Pax NFT Doge nft for sale -> rise to 1000 bnb. Buyer will receive nft + digital frame after purchase...
rich I wonder if one could take digital pixels and use them as "photons" applied to an analogue, saturating "medium"-i.e. still ultimately a digital frame, but with *analogue* reactivity. obvs would need to accumulate over time, but maybe with original 240fps > 24fps would work 🤔🤔
Tensorflow Python Flux Making an interactive digital frame with head-tracking using Three.js and TensorFlow.js | Charlie Gerard | Senior frontend developer & Creative Technologist
Assaf 😷 mask up Making an interactive digital frame with head-tracking using Three.js and TensorFlow.js
nfts digitalart art frames Miss. Black So, what is the best digital frame for displaying digital art please? Any recommendations welcome. nfts digitalart art frames
DEVCommunity DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻 I've been working on a new side project to replicate a visual effect called "head-coupled perspective". This technique is not new but I was interested in figuring out how to make it work using Three.js. { author: @devdevcharlie } DEVCommunity
BuyMoreNFTs Is your digital photo frame NFT compatible?
touchdesigner glitch metamodern paveldruy As just an code instruction digital frame can be interpreted in endless ways. But we still evaluate the success with our aesthetic sensibility :) touchdesigner glitch metamodern
hicetnunc EJKEW I don’t know about you hicetnunc collectors, but I’m just crazy about getting a digital frame to show off my artwork at my office
M157q News RSS Making an interactive digital frame with head-tracking using Three.js and TensorFlow.js Article originally posted on my blog Over the past few weeks, I've been working on a new side project to replicate a visual effect called "head 400
Mathieu Piton Making an interactive digital frame with head-tracking using Three.js and TensorFlow.js:
Feedpushr feeds. Making an interactive digital frame with head-tracking using Three.js and TensorFlow.js
xnamza.fear/greed I don't know if what i bought has resale value. Idgaf tbh. The thing that makes me cool with the purchases is i really like the pieces. A big old digital frame in my living room displaying them
Jennifer Marie Sometimes it’s hard to see Carole’s sweet face on our digital frame, but most of the time I’m just filled with love and I’m so thankful that we take so many pictures of all of these cats that we love so dearly. ❤️
Joel Kruger Who will be lucky collector 24? No doubt this one will look super sweet up on a digital frame somewhere very cool. @infiniteobjects is a good digital frame option for 1 of 1 pieces.
PierrePlays Omg my mum is sending me pics to put on her digital photo frame and I found this from when I was skinny lol
NFT🩸Reaper Mine motha fuckers. Back up. If anyone gets this, it is to be immediately sent to me, where I can transfer it to cold storage and display it in a digital frame, plus, it’s the only card my wife has liked so far.
💚JuxtaposeFantasy💚 Set up my digital photo frame! It's pretty fun cycling through his looks. This also plays video clips but none came up while I filmed. Sorry for the silence. Too lazy to edit in music 😜
hometech techtips Mai R Karadsheh Looking for a digital photo frame? This guide can help you find a good one. hometech techtips
James Gruesome So who’s gonna make the first digital frame so people can display their nfts in the physical world, too?
NFTCommunity nftart NFTdrop upcomingproject OpenSeaNFT Inter-Planetary Cosmos Now imagine every NFT you're investing at , represented in a digital frame which can give you the option of selecting via your wallet which one you want to show!.NFTCommunity nftart NFTdrop upcomingproject OpenSeaNFT @opensea
techhelp Ember - Relentlessly Purple Someone please tell me they know how to resize photos so they display correctly on a digital photo frame!? 😭 Spent all morning resizing photos to fit the dimensions and they are smaller but still rotate sideways 😤 techhelp
Zoe Kleinman I appear to have found a forgotten stash of old tech. 10 year old Wii Fit Active hardware, digital photo frame, "notebook" laptop thing I won at a pub quiz in Feb 2013, travel mouse of unknown origin, the list goes on. All completely obsolete. What a waste of raw materials
WorshipEvaDeVil Eva's Devoted Pet 🕯 My shrine for the breathtaking Goddess @TheEvaDeVil. Completed with a digital frame to display all of her guiding mantras and other beautiful pictures! WorshipEvaDeVil
DragonTouch_official Make sure all of your wonderful summer moments are never forgotten by displaying them on our Classic 10 Elite Frame ☀️
Andrew Wang If you buy the damien hirst and keep the physical print it will forever be A4 letter sized. keep the NFT and put it on a 10 ft tall digital frame
Ben wears a mask Slightly concerned that Facebook seems to be telling me to purchase a digital frame so I can have a picture of me and @jim_dickinson in my home
absurd arboretum 4 more out of the 14 custom trees co-created by the community as part of the collection to be produced by @infiniteobjects💚 Just under 300 trees left to be minted before the 1,111th for you to be eligible to receive a complimentary digital frame as well:
max Blacksneakers is one of my fav artists ever. this piece is GORGEOUS and looks amazing on the gallery’s digital frame!! RUN UP THE BIDS 🖼
touchdesigner metamodern paveldruy So what kind of property does the digital frame have if we say is a canvas? Is it crispy or clammy as a fug or just a 1px thin airy powder, or is it everything at once touchdesigner metamodern
DragonTouch_official Photographs capture a moment that is otherwise gone forever. Having pictures of those precious moments makes it possible to relive them all over again. Fill up your Digital Frame with your favourite memories so you can make sure they're never forgotten.
Snacktoshi Doritomoto Remember Johnny Castaway? i want this on my digital photo frame!
technology 11YearsOfClowning WritingCommunity Miss Moon So I thought about the possibility of a digital photo frame,and realized it already exist but yet to be popular ☺️, am I the only who feels paper and wood picture frames will soon become obsolete.☺️technology 11YearsOfClowning WritingCommunity
Zak Why is Netgear selling a digital frame for "Art, Photos & NFT Crypto-Art"? No idea but I like it
EIP1559 CarlosMesa.eth 🔆 🦇🔊 The EIP1559 nft looks really cool on a digital frame.
William Pintado I wanna buy a digital frame for my new office desk
Soundwaves Photon Check this out. Its not a digital frame, it's an augmented reality layered print 💥
JCDecaux MARKETING MAGAZINE JCDecaux Cityscape has launched programmatic digital out-of-home offerings in Hong Kong Central Business Districts across over 50 Digital Frame Network. It will be partnering up with supply side platform VIOOH.
AEWDynamite Tyson Archer Also I need an Orange Cassidy vs. Sting gif I can put in a digital frame for my desk immediately please. AEWDynamite
EM!💋🦄🌈🍄e-m-i.eth I'm trying to create something unique and would love to know how all collectors keep their NFTs🤔 Do you enjoy watching on PC screen or metaverse gallery or maybe on digital frame?
pictures digital compsource CompSource Are you sick and tired of looking at the same pictures? Then you should try this sweet LCD digital frame from @netgear. Check it out using this link:
Joel Kruger Welcome to the 'School of Bharat' the cross section of art and education. Here's how to build your crypto portfolio and have fun...while riding out the tough storms. You better get with the program!! Now on SR and coming to a digital frame near you.
Andrei Giusca 🏎💨 My abstract Genesis drop on @withFND is still on ! The first buyer will receive a digital frame of the art and all the shipping costs will be covered buy meI will talk about this until my car collection is finally done again without any branding problems!
Bobii Hadiningrat Imagine having your idol parodying your wedding ceremony. I’d play on repeat the video on digital frame and put it in my ruang tamu. Flexing.
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