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🧛‍♀️ Tahr but w/ Pointier Fangs than Usual 🧛‍♀️ A while ago, @queenofnevers posted a bunch of photos of herself around age 17 or so. I said that I had a gap in photos of me around then, but I was just surfing my parents' digital photo frame gallery, and I did these, all taken from a family road trip up the Western U.S
Amanda Peacock Twitter friends, need your brains! gift ideas for a very elderly grandparent? he already has the digital frame where we upload kenneth pics and he doesn't read anymore so feeling stumped. thanks!!
Alejo Andres ❀ COMMISSIONS OPEN 🥊Excited to have just Listed my genesis piece on @withFND!🥊 Reserve bid of 1 ETH! Collector of this piece will also receive a 1/1 physical in a digital frame! 😊 Thank you for all of your support!
Ryan Caradonna Looking forward to adding one of these to the collection. Anybody have digital frame recommendations?
Generation Wealth Hey @art_wallet Stoked for the VR/AR How about partnering with a Digital Photo frame company so I can buy a big wall mounted frame that shuffles through my NFTs.... Game changer I'd buy one for every room of my house.
Picasso NFT ART NFTCommunity Oscar Diggs Love the ongoing morphs on the Museum Refined Art Punks Project. Definitely one to show in a digital frame as it morphs throughout the year. Picasso NFT ART NFTCommunity
homecookedmeal gardening techgadgets interiordesign handmaderugs Home Designology 🔥🔥🔥 Best Digital Photo Frame 10-inch AVAILABLE AGAIN! Are you Excited? $US $99.75 homecookedmeal gardening techgadgets interiordesign handmaderugs
Dr. Jonathan Kay I do not understand why digital picture frames are so expensive.
🆂🅻🅸🅺 🆁⭕️🅳💧 Proud HODLER 🔥🔥 This piece is going on my wall on a digital frame soon @crypto_wook 🔥🔥
FilmTwitter Llewelynn Greeff Around this digital frame is an entire team that constantly works towards one goal whilst caring and giving it their all. It's a thing of beauty. Our cast and crew are AWESOME! FilmTwitter
Megan McKay In his digital frame animation, Antonio R. experimented with facial expressions and the ways they communicate. He calls it, "Mood Swings". @TE_FineArts
NFTCommunity blxcs.eth 🐱 Hey NFTCommunity can you help me out with recommendations for the best digital frame to display NFTs
Luke Conroy Big thanks to @JakNFT for your support and kind words - it brings me a big smile! Would absolutely love to see this piece displayed in a digital frame of yours😀👍
Rob Lee This gives me a brilliant (not really, where's the sarcasm font when you need it) idea: a digital frame that will only display a work of digital art if you have the NFT proving that you "own" the artwork in the file. Thanks for the inspiration @TweeetLorraine 😁
Aura Aura remains Wirecutter's top digital photo frame with Mason and the new Mason Luxe! "Whether you’re giving a frame as a gift and plan to upload photos remotely, or you just want a great frame for yourself, the Aura Mason is the best frame we’ve used."
Wirecutter Because our top pick lets you upload photos from anywhere, it's a great way to stay connected with far-away family and friends.
dadart Interesting_Physics7 I just got this "DoTGRiD Meditation 12-101821". As a dad who does art, I'm into the dadart of @0xRoshi. Also, I think it will look good in a digital frame
CryptoIsKing I'll be looking to buy a digital frame tomorrow, any brand recommendations??
Abdur Chowdhury Thank you @wirecutter for the 1 and 2 review spots. We work really hard to make the most amazing products for your home.
CNFT Cardano HERO POOL Mural by Netgear makes a great digital frame. They aren’t cheap and the software app is a bit buggy but the quality of the picture is amazing. CNFT $ADA Cardano
CNFT NFT Art CardanoCommunity CardanoNFT mentlnomads | #CNFT Is anyone doing anything physical with their CNFT ? Printing and framing? Displaying in a digital frame? Printing on a T-shirt? How are you appreciating the art in your collection? NFT Art CardanoCommunity CardanoNFT
sale Slamoof Slamoof#design sale Pixoo Digital Photo Frame Alarm Clock Pixel Art Programmable LED Display
CNFT Cardano ADA HobbsJW These @adaGOATS are making me shop for a digital frame. I’m seriously obsessed ATM lol. So take that into account 😂 CNFT Cardano ADA
review auradigitalframe travelmemories digitalphotoframe Simone | Midlands Traveller Aura Digital Photo Frame | Best Way to Keep your Travel Memories via @midtraveller review auradigitalframe travelmemories digitalphotoframe
benblenner° I wanted to see what one of my NFTs would look in a huge digital frame above my couch.. Now I never want static art again, ever! 😅
Paintball26 Love the fact that this NFT changes! They are actively pursuing Collabs and this is the perfect NFT for a Digital Frame on my wall.
DefNotKline Joined the @SuperlativeSS yesterday. Love the art style! Been thinking of getting a digital frame for my office for it, anyone got any suggestions for a good one?
Jawn Repping my new @boopieverse in my digital frame!
Poshmark shopmycloset Petite Closet Check out this listing I just added to my Poshmark closet: 🟣FIRM PRICE🟣 New Vextra digital photo frame. shopmycloset @poshmarkapp
ℚ𝕦𝕖𝕫𝕥𝕒𝕝𝕠𝕧𝕖𝕣𝕔𝕠𝕒𝕥𝕝 The props are honestly a bit creepy with the digital frame rate but the sound of those Merlins. Boy howdy.
Justin Love my @SuperlativeSS artwork ! Somebody send me a digital frame so I can hang him up in my house 😀
cnft digital frame cardano ElRaulito I think it's time to share this repository of my work with @Cardano The software runs on python so just insert the address to connect and it will show your nfts on the display You can use an old laptop or a raspberry cnft digital frame cardano
itsthebear How cozy is this? Need a digital frame to put it next to the coffee machine! salted caramel by @kitchenghosts
CNFT Cardano CardanoCommunity nftart HERO POOL What digital frame do you use for your NFT’s? I want one to wall mount and can play video? I would also like a larger frame 10-15 inches at least CNFT $ADA Cardano CardanoCommunity nftart
MetamorphNFT 🔺(SOLD OUT! 3. round coming soon ) A digital frame is also a very good way to showcase your beautiful Metamorph NFTs!
heartbeats.eth Bought a second one to give as a Christmas gift in a digital frame. Such a beautiful piece. 403 via @opensea
Salvoin3D Only 17 hours left, starting bid is .08 $ETH!! Comes with a digital frame, and metal tag with QR code and title on it!
kw.sol ◎ (🧊,🧊) New addition to the digital frame @roshunpatel
Rushyyy.eth Really excited to get a digital frame for this piece. Thank you for this amazing canvas in-motion wave @HadasaArt 😍
digitalframe NFTCommunity Evolution Sam_Green.eth Who has implemented digital frame in your NFT project? digitalframe NFTCommunity Evolution
Amanda Cerny Currently searching for the perfect digital frame for my office for this punk 🤤
Alfia 🥰 Soon my edition will be in a beautiful digital frame. It's too cute!!
nftcollector nfts nftart Metasuit If things hit the fan and you end up with valueless NFTs, will you put them on a digital frame in your house? Which ones won't make the cut? nftcollector nfts nftart
Ezefidelity ✨Top 6 Things You Should Check When Buying a Digital Photo Frame 🔭
Guiding Tech Top 6 Things You Should Check When Buying a Digital Photo Frame
NFT Petr Duda 💯 Do you have a digital frame on your wall to display your NFT collection? What brand/product do you use? I am interested to get one
CNFT Heist On Alpha What if mob boss Callahan was an avid CNFT collector and had a digital frame showcasing a new piece of his collection everyday? What would he have? He'd have at least one @ADA_Ninjaz for sure!
Ù̷̠̯͚̠ž̷̘́̀̋͗̈́u̶̙̺̣̇̓͆p̸̢̡͎͙̲̈́͗́̑̾̊ĭ̵̟̲̙̘̰s̷͛̐̄͠ One day I will be able to afford a real digital frame for my piece by @TerosEso :)
NFT101 NFT blockchain dynamicNFT pafe cafe NFT101 - What is Dynamic NFT? sample: you have a clock/watch on your table or wall, look at that for time. you have a dynamic NFT as/is -watch/clock- and you have that at a digital frame like a pic frame on your table. amazing of blockchain technology is dynamicNFT s. 424182
Julius Löwe Product idea: A digital frame that shows all the artworks tied to you. Animated ♥️
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